Monday, August 11, 2008

Imperial Duck

I went to Imperial Duck yesterday afternoon with Rose, Paul, Irene, Dennis and Aunty.
Can you spot them?

We ordered the famous duck and char siew noodles @ RM7.00 and also famous duck rice which cost us RM6.50
The noodles taste good. The rice wasn't that good according to Irene.

Before you manage to eat their food, you've to wait for at least half an hour.
Maybe cos it just opened not long ago, that's why a lot of people. So, make sure you don't go there if your stomach cannot stand the hunger.

The chefs in action.


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  2. It must be you always don't update lar !! See.. no one wants to come over to comment liao *hugs JF*

    Nvm.. I comment for you :)