Saturday, June 14, 2008


Since the previous post was very outdated (cos the finalists were chosen and even the first MalaysianDreamGirl was announced), I think I should really update something. I don't have the time to edit any photos that are with me because I am really busyyyy at the moment. Sometimes I don't even have time to eat. I'm slimmer now.. Muahahahahahaha..

and since I don't have time to edit my photos, I shall steal from my baby's blog .. Muahahahaha..

Hot Plate Noodle - RM5.50
Comment on the food: NOT DELICIOUS AT ALL !! Better go to Tun Jugah's to try.

Yong Tau Foo - RM12.20
Do I have to say more? Read here.

The bowl is bigger than my face !!!
I'm so small.. Muahahahahahahaha...