Wednesday, December 03, 2008

He's Back !!

Since there's no update from him yet, so, I'm going to drop a line or two here. Have to help him update a bit since he invites me to become his kaypoh invited blogger when he doesn't update.. So, just bear with my kaypohness k :D

*kaypoh mode on*

He was back last Saturday. He's ok right now and according to him, he'll feel much better if there's anyone out there willing to treat him a meal or two *LOL*

Erm.. and also, he wants to thank those who SMS him and/or drop him comments in the previous entry. He's grateful for those.

*kaypoh mode off*

Oklar.. I should update my own blog instead of kaypoh here !!

He's going to update soon, SOON, he said ah.. Not me ahh !! Let's see how long does it take him to update..

Till then.

Cheers. :)

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