Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RM88 Giveaways from Advertlets

I know I am super late to enter this contest but I still want to give it a try since it's going to end in 2 hours plus time. Late better than never, right? :)

All I have to do is to answer 3 questions from Advertlets:-

1. Advertlets has a new ad campaign for a new client that will run in multiple countries. Guess how many countries will it be running in?
8 countries which include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, Australia, Japan and China

2. February 14 is a significant date. As I am single this year, what will me and the Advertlets team most likely be spending the next few late nights working on, and announcing/launching on Feb 14? Hint: Most relationships are based on one person and how many parties?
I guess the hint says that it's Advertlets Beta 2.0 (Hopefully I'm right :P)

3. When was Advertlets founded, and what will we most likely launch on our first anniversary?

There are few answers to this question. I'm not so sure which one is true but I'm putting my guess on 09.03.2007

Advertlets most likely will organise another contest based on first come first serve basis, which might be similar to this contest. Besides that, I guess it's the launching of the Advertlets Exclusivity after awaiting so long for it. :)

There might be another earning program will might be launched. Haha..

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