Thursday, December 20, 2007


X'masCity @ Travillion!!!
StarLight sang Christmas Songs for the opening of XmasCity


After 10 songs presented by Starlight, the emcee, Miss Alicia allowed the rest to perform. There were Dino (as claimed by Frankie), sexy girl dance, individual AhMei soundalike, SHE Superstar sang by the Sisters and not forgetting Fidaus the breakdancer. Those performances were too great to be explained. Too bad for those who did not manage to the event.


After the great performances by the great and kindhearted performancers (cos they were there to perform for FOC), the bloggers went to the back for photoshooting sessions.

The Christmas tree was set up and sponsored by Celcom if I'm not mistaken as there are a lot of Xs on the tree. Those who can guess the right amount of Xs on the tree will get RM10,000/-. Wanna be free from work for half a year? Send your entry to 23456.


If there are pictures of tree.. Of course there are bloggers in front of it too.


So, I'm here to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance... If there are parties or dinners, don't forget to invite me.. WUAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!


  1. wahahahha.. finally got update! Somemore, SO UPDATED ONE! ahahhahaa... U used SUPERHIGHMEGA Kamela, but y pics so blur geh? =X

  2. [NAAN}CLICK the photo larger view ' IS VERY CLEAR '

  3. After a long wait baru got update!
    manyak susah la dia!

    but how come brur ler!

    but when u click on image also not very clear ler....

    so bang bila ada update ragi...!

  4. i velli sad la.. dat nite i explained till my saliva finiz about xmas city u & ah lost still get it wrong.... Xmas City is another event organized by Tribezone Events ler... sob sob... the pre-party starts tomorrow & i invited you & rose last week but till date noone wanna come collect FOC tix eh.. =.=