Monday, October 15, 2007

New Bowling alley

In Sarawak, there is only one out of many Universities that has bowling alleys. And guess who designed that?? *ahem*aHeM*AHEEeeEeM* You got it right already? Wahahaha..
The materials are fully import from overseas.
Too bad, the alleys are only for students and staff of the University and not outsiders, like me and you. :(


  1. who design it ah!
    waseh sibeh sat ah!
    and the logo damn kua chang ah!
    sibeh kia su wan the logo! kia si lang beh chai!

  2. hahahahahaha.. have to put big big so that small eyes ppl like me can see !!! *LOL*

  3. hey hey ;) MyBrA is leaving on monday. plus i haven't seen tim for ages tho i've seen u and rose during raya. lets meet up this weekend?

  4. [tim]of cos is me & show my big big logo mah..!!!!

  5. [ahlost] so clever!!! big one hahaha

  6. owh wow!
    i'm so jealous that my friends at Unimas got to enjoy this.

  7. Oh.. You are the designer who designed that Bowling Alley? UNIMAS hired u? Not bad wor.. Haha! Thanks to you, we get to enjoy the facility.. =D